Your contribution will provide support for education, job training for more San Gabriel Valley youth.

Ways how your support will benefit a youth:

$35 Provides for the uniform worn by Corpsmembers as they plant trees, plants and restore public spaces
$50 Pays for a pair of boots worn by youth as they revitalize our parks, trails and gardens
$75 Covers a set of safety gears, such as hard hat, goggles, & gloves to wear while at jobsite
$150 Pays for tools to plant a big tree, restore trails, and rebuild fences
$300 Provides for the cost of machinery to install green energy and upgrade homes
$500 Pays for a computer or tablet improving the students educational path by connecting vocational training to academic instruction
$1,000 Covers the cost of a stipend for an educational training program during the summer month



Did you know…

The San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps just east of Los Angeles, at the end of the Santa Fe Trail lies a little known jewel of the San Gabriel Valley. Established in 2003 through the vision and guidance of founder Daniel Oaxaca, the San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps embodies the spirit and values of our community while providing academics, life skills, leadership and paid job training to our most underserved youth ages 16-25. Today, the Corps serves over 170 youth from Pomona to Rosemead, Azusa to the Whittier Hills and many of the surrounding communities.

On any given day one could expect to find these youth planting trees in local communities, organic farming, trail building and maintenance, low income home rehabilitation or construction, recycling bottles and cans, and leading community beautification efforts, all while also attending the YouthBuild Charter School of California and other forms of postsecondary educatiion

Because of the Corps consistent commitment to the youth of our communities, funders from Federal to local governments and foundations have partnered with the Corps to provide paid work experience to more than 70 of our youth each day…..

however, there are more than 100 vacant job opportunities.

The San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps’ partners have granted the opportunity to provide more than 90 more jobs for youth and 18 more jobs in leadership roles to support these youth.

Your contribution of $25, $50, or $100 will provide support for jobs and ongoing training for more San Gabriel Valley Youth

Your consideration to support our efforts is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to pass this request on to others, who care about youth, the community and the environment.

You can make a tax-deductible donation online by clicking on the “donate” button, or simply send a check to the address below. We love to hear from you!

On behalf of all of us – the entire staff, Board of Directors, and Corpsmembers – thank you so much for your support!

San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps
3629 Cypress Ave.
El Monte, Ca 91731
Office: (626) 579-2484

How You Can Help!

Contact Us

SGVCC Administrative Offices:
10900 Mulhall Ave.
El Monte, Ca. 91731
Office: (626) 579-2484
Fax: (626) 579-2438

SGVCC YouthBuild Charter School
El Monte Campus:

3903 Tyler Ave.
El Monte, California 91731
Office: (626) 444-5337
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SGVCC Support Service

SGVCC YouthBuild Charter School
Pomona Campus:

1540 West Second Street
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Office: (909) 397-9955
Contact Person: Marty Buzzeo

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