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Earn Your High School Diploma

YouthBuild Charter School of California is a unique charter school model that provides young adults at the San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps with an authentic alternative to traditional school environments. Launched with support from YouthBuild USA in 2008, YCSC provides a project-based high school curriculum that relies on authentic assessment to fulfill credits toward a high school diploma. Young people between the ages of 16-24 enroll at YCSC after having dropped out, aged out, or been otherwise failed by the traditional school system. Here they find an education that is more relevant to their goals, talents, and daily lives.

Unlike traditional schools that employ standardized curriculum and classroom practices which can often disempower and alienate marginalized students, YCSC’s project-based approach, modeled on the Diploma Plus system, allows young adults to take ownership of their education. It offers them the means to pursue meaningful academic and professional success and gain the skills necessary to realize their personal dreams and goals. In order to reach our goals for effective, relevant education, we hire only highly qualified teachers who come from some of the country’s most progressive educational colleges and universities.

We Offer:


  • Small classroom size

  • On-site counseling

  • One-on-one assistance

  • Diversity in the classroom

  • Group Projects/ Assignments

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